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    residential or commercial?
    Quality workmanship from our highly skilled painting professionals, ensures a lasting finish that will last years to come.
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    Looking for a painter?
    With over 15 years’ experience in the NT, we are the No. 1 trusted local professional painting service.
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    Looking for a painter?
    With over 15 years’ experience in the NT, we are the No. 1 trusted local professional painting service.
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    Looking for a painter?
    With over 15 years’ experience in the NT, we are the No. 1 trusted local professional painting service.
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    Looking for a painter?
    With over 15 years’ experience in the NT, we are the No. 1 trusted local professional painting service.

Painters Darwin

Hi, thanks for finding Green Ant Painting.

We are a small painting business located in Darwin where we have been operating since 2000.
We look after high-end clients and businesses who appreciate quality work, and tradespeople they
can trust to do the right thing.

At Green Ant Painting, we pride ourselves on our patience and our ability to
actively listen to our clients’ needs to ensure we can provide the best service possible.
Our team is passionate about the work they do and are committed to providing exceptional service to complement our high quality of work because we believe that our clients deserve the best.

Our team at Green Ant Painting are also dedicated to doing the right thing for the environment,
so we are increasingly moving towards new, greener products. Our company is mindfully aware of leading
the shift from old and dirty products to new and clean products that are both better for the environment, are of higher quality and provide a better look and functionality. With our services, you can breathe with ease, knowing that our paints are looking after the air quality in your building.

We offer a range of premium painting services to all of our valued customers and can work on any building, including commercial businesses, residential homes, government offices and schools. Head to our services page to discover the right painting service to suit your requirements.

If you are looking for a painting company in Darwin, Green Ant Painting really are your best bet. We are passionate about providing the absolute best services to each and every one of our clients and ensure that we meet the specific requirements of every job we take on. Furthermore, we are committed to using the highest quality products, ensuring the best painting outcome for you.

If you have any questions, would like a quote on our work, or need to speak to our team, do not hesitate to make an inquiry via our contact us page, or contact Corey through the number and email below. We are always happy to help.

Call Corey on 0419309015
Email us at

Our Services

You’ll be delighted with the results from our highly skilled paint professionals for both your residential property or commercial project. Ensuring your experience is timely and cost efficient is the key to our long time success.

Residential Homes

Residential Painting Services Darwin

Ensuring your residential painting service is of the best quality is our No. 1 priority. We pride ourselves on being able to provide a professional painting service that is both timely and cost efficient.

Commercial Projects

Commercial Painting Services Darwin

Our project management excellence is the key to delivering quality workmanship regardless of the size of your commercial painting project. Attention to detail, along with our impressive customer service is the key to our outstanding reputation.


Roof Painting Services Darwin

At Painters Darwin, not only do we provide a professional painting service, but a highly skilled decorating service as well. Our professional standards result in an expert finish that you can enjoy for years to come.

Residential Painters|Commercial Painters Darwin| Painters Drwin

Residential Painting Services Darwin | Increase the value of your home

If you’re looking for residential painting services in Darwin, we’ve got you covered! Painters Darwin provides residential painting for houses large and small. Whether you’ve got a six bedroom double storey or a two bedroom unit, we’ll make sure that you get the best results possible. Our residential services cover interior and exterior painting – including walls, ceilings, mouldings, architraves and more.

When it comes to your home, we understand how important it is to get it right. That’s why we make sure to only use the highest quality paints, giving you the ultimate finish. Right from the initial preparation process, we’ll work meticulously to make sure everything is perfect. Ensuring all walls, or areas to be painted, are cleaned thoroughly, tapped all around and ready to go. Properly priming the surface of the walls and making sure they’re clean will not only help achieve a spotless finish but also extend the lifespan of the paint. Leaving you with cleaner looking walls for longer.

Our residential painting services include:

● House Painting
● Unit Painting
● Town House Painting
● Apartment Painting
● Interiors and Exteriors

Get in touch with Painters Dawrin today to find out how we can transform your home. As highly experienced professionals, we’re always happy to provide our expert opinion when it comes to colours and different types of paint. Painters Darwin strive to provide all of our customers with a level of service that’s high quality, efficient and budget friendly!

Commercial Painting Services Darwin | Your business should look the part

Don’t let inferior quality paints and unsatisfactory work let down your property. When it comes to commercial painting services in Darwin, Painters Darwin are a name you can trust. We’ve provided a range of services for many different commercial clients, all requiring a unique skill set and their own strengths.

A larger project will always demand more time and resources, resulting in a bigger scope of details to look after. With Painters Darwin, you can be sure that every little detail will be accounted for, priding ourselves on our project management skills that have led to our reputation as a reliable and efficient business. We understand that commercial projects often face tougher deadlines and external pressures from other stakeholders. Painters Darwin are committed to working with everyone involved in order to achieve the best possible result and finished project. Buildings we service include:

Our residential painting services include:

● Office Space Painting
● Apartment Painting
● Factory Painting
● School Painting
● Government Building Painting
● Medical Facilities Painting and more

There’s no space too big or too small for us to work around. Painters Darwin are able to accommodate whatever the job requires, including working outside of operating hours and any special requests. Contact us today for a free quote and more information on our commercial painting services.

Red Wall Brick Painting|Commercial Painters Darwin| Painters Drwin
House Roof Top|Commercial Painters Darwin| Painters Drwin

Roof Painting Services Darwin | Don’t replace, just paint!

Most of the time our roofs are neglected simply because they’re out of sight. It’s not often that we’re given a birds eye view of our rooftops, however, that doesn’t mean they don’t need to be painted. Experts recommend that you re-paint your roof every five to ten years in order to experience the best level of protection. Exposure to the elements like rain, hail and especially the harsh Australian sun can cause the paint to break down. This results in a slow degradation process that can cause cracks or flaking to your roof paint.

Once your tiles or metal sheeting are exposed, they too will start to experience the effects of the harsh weather conditions. Resulting in costly replacements and larger restoration procedures. Regular roof painting can save you all this trouble, leaving you with a fully protected roof that looks brand new! Painters Darwin provide roof painting services in Darwin for all types of roofs, including:

● Tile Roof Painting
● Metal Roof Painting
● Corrugated Iron Roof Painting
● olourbond Roof Painting

Contact us today for all of your roof painting needs.

What clients say about us

Why Choose Us?

At Green ant painters we give you control over every aspect of the job. After all, you are the client! Good communication is key to a successful outcome and our goal is to make sure you get exactly what you want! With over 20 years’ experience in the NT, we are the No. 1 trusted local paint company. Whether you’re looking for residential painting services or a commercial painting contractor, we can help you out!

Painting Wood|Commercial Painters Darwin| Painters Drwin

Being a family run business we understand the value quality workmanship, staying on budget and customer service. A free quote is just the beginning. Contact us today! 

We offer a 5 year warranty on our painters workmanship. This means you don’t have to worry about paint peeling or cracking in the future.

Our reputation is our most valuable asset. Therefore we treat your property with care & like it is our own.

Do you like painting ?

At Green ant painters, are always looking for skilled painters to join the team. If you are interested in working with us get in touch.